Illustrated White Cats

My name is Janette and I am the owner, baker and cake artisit of Janette's Cupcakes based in Philadelphia, PA. Baking happens in a commissary kitchen and I serve the surrounding Philadelphia areas. I'm a one woman team so I only take online orders right now but making my way to opening a brick and mortar one day!


I started this company in April 2019 as a way for me to begin my baking career and continue my full-time job, but I was always into baking since I was little. I would watch and copy The Food Network and pretend that I had my own show when I made anything as simple as a PB&J. The kitchen was and is always my favorite room in the house and from there is where I became a self-taught baker.

I am of Chinese descent, born in Australia, and grew up in the states, so as you can see from my menu, that is where I draw inspiration. Everywhere I went felt like home and I wanted to keep that feeling (and taste) with me. Those flavors were too good not to be made into cakes and cuppies!

This is my passion and happy place. I want everyone to enjoy what I love and try flavors you've never tried before. Janette's Cupcakes does personal and individual orders as well as catering and events, so there's something for everyone and every occasion.

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