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Baked fresh with quality ingredients and love locally in Phila, PA

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April L

"Janette’s Cupcakes are so delicious and unique, she has flavors that you can’t find anywhere else in Philly! I ordered from her twice, the chocolate and green tea cupcakes were great, I’ve even gotten people asking me where did I order them from. The chocolate cake that she made for my boyfriend’s birthday was just as good, I’ll definitely be ordering from her for my other future events!"

Eddie F

"When you order dessert in a fancy restaurant, you expect it to be made with care, taste amazing, and really punctuate the end of your meal. It might leave you wishing you got five more, but what you had was delicious and you’re so thankful that you got it. To me, that’s what Janette bakes into the core of her creations. The light fluffiness of each cupcake base and the smooth and sweet buttercream icings are nothing short of outstanding. However you’re feeling and whatever you’re craving, she has a flavor that’ll make you break out a wide, toothy grin. Personally, I’ve had the crème brûlée, vanilla matcha, and tiramisu varieties, and each of them perfectly mimics their original inspirations. I’m definitely trying out some more flavors soon! If you’re looking for a quality cupcake, then Janette’s has you covered!"

Susan S

"I highly & I mean HIGHLY recommend Janette’s cupcakes! My first encounter with her amazing cupcakes was during the Ye Shi Chinatown Night Market & I made it a mission to buy at least a few from her because I’ve heard so many great things! (And they look fabulous!) After my first bite of her matcha cupcake, I was beyond blown away. You can taste the love and care Janette puts in her delectable creations. Not too sweet, very moist, & flavorful, all of which are superb combinations for the perfectly balanced dessert ! I’m looking forward to buy more in the near future."

Eric T

"These cupcakes are amazing. There isn’t even a word in the dictionary to explain how amazing they are. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to eat a cloud? That’s how darn fluffy they are, with an explosion of flavor. The icing/frosting is so creamy, I can’t even call myself the kream god anymore because janette beat me to it. They are superb for any party favor, birthday, and/or gathering. I have to get extras because my mom loves them so much. And Janette herself is one fine gem as well, so if you’re excited to pick up a batch of these pastry gold graced by god, you’ll be just as excited to get it with a smile graced by a goddess."

Tee P

"Janette's cupcakes are amazing! Not only does she does a beautiful job at making them look IG worthy for a pic, but they taste ABSOLUTELY FRESH AND DELICIOUS. She's very sweet and prompt with her orders, and she wants to make sure the cupcakes are just how you like them. I found her floating on facebook and Instagram and took my first order on 2 dozens of regular sized creme brûlée cupcakes and chocolate flavored cupcakes for a surprise bridal party. EVERYONE LOVED THEM. I couldn't choose which flavor I favored more because both flavors were just delicious!! I cant wait to try out some more flavors! Prices are soooo worth it for her handmade fresh cupcakes. I will be ordering a lot more from her in the near and far future for any events I will have or attend!!! I live in Nj, and I'd drive down anytime to pick them up because they are so worth it, she does delivery in certain parts of Philadelphia too! ♡ DO NOT HESITATE TO ORDER. You will love her cupcakes!!"

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